Who We Are

About Us

Conservation of the Environment and reforestation
The main reason for this project and business is to ultimately conserve the environment as statistics show that for every 1 tonne of bagasse recycled into briquettes around 13 mature trees are saved from being cut for firewood or charcoal saves around 13 production.

Conversion to renewable energy
Briquettes are more sustainable and more energy-efficient and could reduce the pressure on forests and lower pollution levels in urban areas, that is, if more people start using them. Research found that use of slow burning charcoal dust and soil briquettes reduced household cooking energy expenditure by 70 percent if families produced their own, and 30 percent if they purchased briquettes from other sources.

Women Empowerment
Through harnessing on the skills and expertise of women in the renewable energy sector, as a company, we aim to economically empower women through working with various women groups in the production and sales of both domestic and industrial briquettes.


Breaking It down

Our Vision: To be a leader of innovation and environmental conservation through production of high quality domestic and
industrial briquettes.

Our Mission: To develop, manufacture and supply high quality organic (Biomass) briquettes aimed at reduction of deforestation and accelerating conversation to renewable energy use.

Our Values:

Quality – Raw material craftmanship, safety, testing and certification.

Innovation – Consistently coming up with better ways to recycle bio waste.

People – Skills, teamwork, and synergy

Environment – Eco and people friendly environment

Professionality in our processes and integrity in our ways of doing business

Why We Stand Out

Quality: The best briquettes, tested and tried.

Odorless and Smokeless: Our charcoal is odorless and smokeless. Minimal carbon content through the process of carbonation.

Efficiency: Efficiently supply raw materials to the women groups we are working with and also
ensuring that demand is met.

High Calorific Value: Though the formulation and special binders that we use, our product produce higher levels of heat compared to traditional charcoal.

Affordable: You will only need to use small quantities to cook your meals, long burning time.

Conserve Energy: Especially when used with energy savers stoves / jikos

Did you know? We strive to reduce cutting of trees specifically for firewood and charcoal as statistics show that a tonne
of bio-waste saves about 13 trees

Our Services

Social Entrepreneurship

Work in partnership with local women groups.

Carbonated Briquette Charcoal

Make carbonated domestic briquettes.

Energy Saving Jikos

Partner with businesses making energy-saving jikos.

Industrial Briquettes

Expand to non-carbonated industrial briquettes for industries, schools, hospitals and hotels.

Dealership Method of Selling

Sell only to wholesale buyers who are willing to buy in bulk and not retail.


Create employment both in Siaya and our yet to be determined location in Western Kenya- Sugar zones.

Our Team

Salome Ayany

General Manager

Leah Ogada

Operations Manager

Sarah A. Okuro

Finance & Banking

Rose Omia

Production Team Lead

Celestine Okumu

Human Resources Specialist

Linda Ogweno

Marketing Team Lead

Florence Wanaswa

ICT & Social Media Lead